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7th March 2019
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Frequently asked Questions:

1. Do you require a deposit?
No. However, we do require full payment upon completion of each room.

2. Are there any hidden costs?
No, all the costs plus extras are in the quotation. This is the price you pay.

3. Do you charge V.A.T?
No, we are not V.A.T registered.

4. Are you insured?
Yes,£1 000,000 Public liability however, we do not cover Decorations, alarm cables, moving furniture.

5. Can you move the furniture?
I can help you move some heavy items (at your own risk of damage) FREE OF Charge.

6. There is nowhere to put my furniture. Can you sand the room in two halves?
Yes, we can sand / varnish half the room one day, then come back on the second day move the furniture to the other half and complete the job, extra charge of £80.00.

7. Can you remove the carpets and carpet grips?
Yes we can. The cost is usually £35.00 per 14m2 room, and we put the old carpets at the front of the house. We can not dispose of carpets.

8. Under the old carpets there is hardboard, can you remove it?
Yes we can, the cost is £35.00 per hour to remove the hardboard. We put the rubbish at the front of the house.

9.Do you provide a sand only service, and I finish to save money?
Yes, I can give you a sand only quote, upon request?

10. Are your floor sanders machines dust free?
Our floor sanders are top of the range and 99% dust free, far superior than the "Hire shop" floor sanders.

WARNING; the "Hire Shop" floor sanders are not only very dusty they can leave heavy sanding marks (chatter marks)all over your beautiful wooden floor, I spend half my time going over cowboys work.

11. What types of floors can be sanded and varnished?

  • Old pine floorboards
  • Parquet wooden flooring
  • hardwood strip flooring
  • oak floorboards
  • prefinished wood floors
  • herringbone wooden flooring
  • basket weave wooden flooring
  • laminated floors

12. There is black paint around the edge of the room. What is this?
The Victorians, and people generally up until the 1930s, used black Bituminous paint around the edges of the rooms and place a rug in the middle, Its labour-intensive to sand and costs from £50.00 per room to remove?

13.Are timber floors recommended for rental properties?
Varnished timber floors are ideal for rental properties and are very common. Landlords appreciate the cost-effectiveness and sturdiness of timber floors.

14. The floor is in a very poor condition with many repairs. Can it be restored? Yes, most floors can be restored. This is our main business.

15. Do you fix down loose floorboards? Yes, we allow for fixing down some loose floorboards in the price, We use real floorboard nails, in the traditional way.

16. I can see some concrete in the floor in front of the chimney breast. What is this?
This is the concrete hearth built into the floor so that if burning coals spill over onto the floor they do not cause a fire hazard.We can repair and paint the concrete hearth usually from £100.00.

17. Is it true that wooden floors provide a cleaner sanitised environment in your home?
Yes. Carpet attracts and can contain many allergenic spores, dust-mites, bacteria, fungi and other unhealthy microbes.

18. The floor might be draughty. Can you fill in the floorboard gaps?
Yes. We use fine sawdust with resin glue made into a paste and spread over the whole floor filling all the gaps. The quick drying filler is then sanded and varnished for a quality finish to the wooden floor. The cost is from £90.00 per room.

19. What is the cost of replacment timber?
We charge £35.00 per hour plus materials

20. Can you sand and varnish the door threshold?
Yes,the usual cost is £25.00 per threshold

23. Can you stain/dye the floor?
Some floors can be stained? please email a floor picture first.The cost is £100.00 per 15m2 room.

25. What type of varnish do you use?
We use a water-borne polyurethane varnish which has a satin finish. It is user-friendly, hard-wearing and quick drying. Gloss and matt lacquer can be ordered on request.

26.Can you use oil or Wax ?
Yes, we can order Osmo oil/Wax upon request?

27. How long will my floor last?
There's no reason why it shouldn't last a lifetime. Things to watch out for are: stiletto shoes, furniture legs, dragging heavy furniture such as pianos across the floor, and maintenance coats when needed, approx 5 years.

28. Do you vacuum upon completion?
Yes, we vacuum at least Three times before varnishing.However the room will still need a spring clean the following day.

29. When are the decorations best completed?
It's best to leave the final coats of decorating until AFTER the floors have been completed. This is due to the fact that sometimes we can scuff skirting boards with our heavy sanding machines.

30. When can I walk on the newly varnished floor?
It's best to wait until the next morning. However, the varnish should be touch dry in about three hours and it's safe to walk across the floor at this time, as long as it's only light foot traffic.

After the job has been booked in, we require Five working days for cancellations.


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